A New Legacy
is Rising

Nestled in the stirring natural beauty along west Fort Worth’s historic Mary’s Creek rests a nearly century-old pecan orchard among majestic hills and wildflower-filled prairies. This serene corner of Fort Worth, adjacent to the esteemed estates of Montserrat, has sat unchanged for generations but is now blossoming into something even more bountiful. Not just a premier neighborhood, Montrachet is an escape into daily countryside resort living. The secure community features over 50 acres of green space with miles of hiking and biking trails, a beautiful box canyon, and thoughtful amenities. Whether your dream home has a sunset view or is placed carefully amid giant oaks and pecans, it is here, just waiting for you to build it.

The allure of this enchanting location is boundless – its availability will not be. Come visit us today to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Countryside resort living within the city limits



Natural wonder meets modern luxury



MONTRACHET (mon-truh-shay)

Over a thousand years ago, when the monks in Spain were founding the monastery of Montserrat on a rocky cliff, the monks in present-day Burgundy, France were meticulously cultivating grapevines along a gently sloping hillside. It is here you will find the Grand Cru vineyard of Montrachet which is so renowned, the surrounding towns officially changed their names in 1879 to include the name of the vineyard. The Chardonnays from Montrachet are regarded as the finest white wines in the world.


Although we grow Texas pecans instead of grapes, the physical resemblance between both Montrachets is undeniable. Moreover, the luxurious, idyllic lifestyle evoked by the name Montrachet perfectly represents what this new community will be.


Step out your door and into the Texas Hill Country

Montrachet is ideally located on the west side of Fort Worth, adjacent to the well-established Montserrat neighborhood. The beauty, diversity and natural features make it unique in North Texas. The design, security, attention to detail, and modern amenities make it unique – anywhere.