Montserrat planning new phase


Author: Robert Francis

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One of the more successful home developments in the past 20 years in Fort Worth has to be Montserrat on the west side of the city.

Developed by the Siratt family’s Montserrat Properties LLC and located off Team Ranch Road and Interstate 820, Montserrat has 210 lots on about 215 acres.

Development started in 2003 just as Fort Worth was starting its most recent growth spurt. The 210 homesites quickly sold out. Now, the same group is looking at adding 245 acres to the development to the west which has yet to be named.

“We plan to have the design finalized and begin the platting and annexation process with the City of Fort Worth soon,” said Colby Siratt. At that point, they will begin pre-selling lots.

The goal is to have the final plat approved by late summer, with roads and utilities installed by year end, with the first houses completed and occupied in late 2020, according to Siratt.

“Our intention is to develop the 245 acres into a neighborhood similar in size and quality to Montserrat,” the Siratt family said in a letter sent to current residents.

“Construction may occur in phases, but we expect the finished product to have approximately 170 lots,” according to the letter.

Colby and Donnie Siratt’s father, Donald Siratt, was a well-known Fort Worth area businessman who made his mark with Western Transfer and Delivery, a company that started in 1966 working with Xerox. Around 2002, his wife, Gloria, noticed the bluff area where Montserrat is now, and they began initially building a family home.

That then mushroomed into the larger Montserrat development.

Siratt said the family was approached about a year ago about a 205-acre property for sale south of Mary’s Creek. He said one visit quickly sold them on continuing the ideas first developed at Montserrat.

Montserrat, by the way, is translated literally as “jagged cliff,” which runs through the property.

The new property was very complimentary of Montserrat – a 150-foot bluff continues through the middle of the property, for instance – and there is also a box canyon, large trees, open pasture land, a 75-year-old pecan orchard and access to Mary’s Creek.